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Sometimes this age group is certain they already know it all. We will use this time to prepare the children for the more structured learning environment that awaits them at “big school”.  The children become more attentive and interested in learning about the how’s and why’s of everything they come in contact with.  They need more details about everything and enjoy spending time exploring the complexity of things.  

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Due to their growing attention span we are able to dive deeper and have more discussion about weekly topics.This is an important time to also work on fine motor skills which are necessary for handwriting, cutting and many other complex tasks that they will be encountering.  Various opportunities are provided throughout the day through guided activities and free play to develop the necessary muscles to help them be successful at these tasks. 

The children also have a greater understanding of guidelines at this age so they are often involved in helping to create a list of rules and expectations for their class.  We feel this helps the children learn many things such as responsibility, respect, and kindness.  As the children are learning more about being accountable for their actions they also participate in a reward system of each teacher’s choice to help enforce these positive behaviors. 

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While this environment offers a structured schedule, we feel that free exploration can offer just as much benefit.  They need time to have “unscripted” conversations with peers, time to discover new ways to use objects, or design the next skyscraper in blocks with a peer.  All of those activities inspire creativity and allow the children to learn without even knowing it!