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We begin caring for your little one as early as 6 weeks of age.

At this age, it is extremely important that children feel loved and nurtured since they rely on us to provide for all their needs.  During this time is also when children do the most growing and changing. Their journey may begin with barely being able to control their neck and end with them walking, sometimes running all over the room! 

We provide various opportunities throughout the day for the babies to explore the new world around them.  We feel this is best accomplished by moving baby to different areas within the room and talking to them about their surroundings and describing things that are part of their routine.  This group also enjoys lots of music and reading, especially those with hand gestures! 

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Due to the fast rate of growth in this age group, children have varying schedules in which routine care (eating, sleeping, and diapering) are provided according to developmental appropriateness as well as parent preferences.  The experienced staff is always a good resource to ask questions or share concerns with as being a new parent can often be overwhelming (even if it’s not the first born, we are all “new” parents as each child brings a unique personality and characteristic to the table).

Each baby will need prepared bottles (formula or breast milk) labeled with their name and date.  Parents will also provide: diapers, wipes, change of clothes, baby food, and pacifier (if baby likes one).  Creative Child will provide linens for the crib, blankets, and bibs (all are laundered daily).  If you prefer your baby to use items from home, please label all items with the child’s initials or name.